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Web Developer - Product Manager - Team Leader


Front End
Zandor is a test of math and memory skills, operating purely on the front end. Its combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript give it the components and logic to be an engaging multi-level game. On screen animations provide visual cues of the status of game play. The core logic provides ever increasing difficulty as the player progresses through the games levels. View Code
Front/Back End
Looking for a new friend? This is the app for you. Friendifier's Node JS server allows the app to intelligently respond to a multitude of user inputs. A 10 question survey guages numerous personality traits, comparing them to other users then provide the best match. The custom JavaScript matching algorithm provides flexibility for nearly unlimited friend matching potential. View Code
Front/Back End - API Integration
Bad & Bougie
Bad & Bougie is a great tool for those who aren't exactly the "roughing it" type but are looking for a cammping adventure. Using data from the National Parks Service API it helps find comfortable campgrounds. A custom JavaScript algorithm uses campground amenities like running water, flush toilets, Internet access and more to determine whether the park's campgrounds are bougie or bad. View Code
Full Stack
Taskr allows users to post tasks that they can perform for others as well as search for tasks that they need help with. User authentication, in app messaging, task bidding/accepting and user feedback posting make this a very robust app. Taskr is a full stack app, utilizing Jade templating on the front end, full CRUD APIs, a Node JS server and MySQL database. Deployment in Heroku gives Taskr reliablility and scalability. View Code
React Front End
Click-A-Pic is a memory game that counts how many times the user clicks on a displayed image without clicking the same image twice. A shuffle of the location of each image between clicks provides the challenge. Built using a variety of stateful and functional React components makes this app quick and responsive. View Code
React Full Stack
Persona uses facial recognition to perform database queries, returning restaurant guests' dining history and preferences. Guests' order histories are summarrized with each query to generate the latest preferences. React is used on the front end, while a Node/Express server interfaces with the AWS Rekognition API and routes queries to the MongoDB database. View Code


I am a lifelong learner who has recently fallen in love with web development.

I am proficient in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery for both front end and back end development. Up front I have experience using React and libraries like Bootstrap and Axios to create feature rich UIs. Out back I've built numerous servers and full CRUD APIs using Node.js and Express. For data management I've built apps with both SQL and no-SQL databases like MySQL and Mongo DB. I love the endless opportunity for creative problem solving inherent in web development.

From my earliest days I was a natural engineer, disassembling and reassembling things around the house, building and testing all sorts of contraptions from boats to cars to parachutes and racing any kid in the neighborhood on my bike or skateboard. My undergraduate studies included Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. Since 2001, I have held numerous technical and business roles in the Internet industry.

After nearly a decade working in product management, a health scare and the new perspective provided by parenthood led me to the realization that what I was doing for a living and what I was passionate about were not well enough aligned. So, I decided to return to my technical roots and began my journey to becoming a full-stack developer by completing the Web Development Boot Camp at The George Washington University.

To balance out the hours spent at a computer screen, I love being outdoors pursuing a number of activities. My wife and I are avid rock-climbers. Hiking, camping and cycling are also common pastimes, with adventures as nearby as in our hometown of Washington DC and as far away as Peru.

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