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I was born in Hawaii and grew up in Southern California. In 2006 I moved to New York City. You're probably asking yourself "Why move from Hawaii then California to New York?". Well, 75 degrees and sunny does get boring after a while. I then escaped the metropolis and made my way to Washington D.C. in 2008. Now, I live just east of Capitol Hill. My wife and I love that it is so convenient to the city but still has a residential, small town feel. In June of 2016 we had a daughter who is the most amazing thing that we have ever experienced; and, as most parents will attest, also the most challenging.

After completing high school in San Diego I attended college near Los Angeles, at California Polytechnic Univerisity, Pomona. I initially studied Mechanical Engineering but ultimately switched to Business Management which was the major for my bachelor's degree. It was here where my interest in online applications was developed.

I began my career in the Internet industry as an Account Manager for a start up company, Akiva, that pioneered the use of online communication tools such as Instant Messaging and message boards in the workplace. From there I transitioned into a Technical Support role for a division of Nielsen which focused on demographic analysis and store location planning via a suite of online and desktop applications. I became a Team Leader in this department before moving into their sales group, as an embedded Technical Support Specialist. From there I moved into a Product Management role, responsible for several online applications. These experiences eventually afforded me the opportunity for a Senior Product Manager position at Verisign. There, I managed the inception of their first publically accesible domain name discovery and analysis platform, DomainScope, growing it into one of their flagship offerings. Recently though, a health scare and the new perspective provided by parenthood led me to the realization that what I was doing for a living and what I was passionate about were not well enough aligned. So, I decided to return to my technical roots and began my journey to becoming a full-stack web developer with the GW Coding Boot Camp.

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